Casino games are a perfect activity that combines entertainment with a way to earn money. Many games of chance combine the strategies and skills of the player to make the games challenging and exciting, the tournaments and competitions are an incentive where gambling fans test their competitive spirit and intelligence to win great prizes and money. One of the things that attract most of the casinos are the odds, a person can win or lose under the same possibilities, however, when you win you get great winnings and prizes, something that generates euphoria in the fans.

It is a fact that casino games promise to offer a pleasant and euphoric moment, but most fans focus on making money. Since some of these games are characterized by requiring skills and strategies to win, there are many guides, books, and advice on the internet that suggest tricks to win in a certain game or pay to win better prizes. Although no one knows exactly if it works or not, many fans say that the best strategy is years of experience and practice to discover the secrets of each game and develop better skills. But fortunately there is too much information on the internet where many professionals present their tricks and offer game advice to new fans, then we will show you some basic and effective strategies with what you can win with games of chance.

Tip # 1 Use the houseboat.

The advantage of the house is a strategy that the casinos use to earn a percentage of each bet for each player, so each user must face this advantage to a mathematical certainty to obtain profits without being affected. It is a basic rule that states that the more time you spend in a betting casino, the likelihood of losing will be much greater, but as it is about probabilities, you also have opportunities to win. Some factors in your victory may be due to the bad luck of a dealer or the bad play of an opponent, however, the biggest reason for your victory is when you perfectly memorize the advantage of the house according to each casino game.

Taking into account these two factors, a casino player can develop great skills in which they improve over time and therefore, more likely to win large amounts of money and great prizes. Using those rules in favor can make the difference between winning and losing in casino games.

Tip # 2 How to make real money.

In addition to the entertainment offered by casino games, what is next? Obviously, try to make money with the bets, but to do this, some parameters must be established in the budget so as not to affect the player’s economy. Keep in mind that not all casino games pay exactly the same, bets on roulette, for example, are very different from bets that are made in Baccarat, so also happens with the odds of each game to win and for the payments, everything is very different. If you want to win money you should first consider the game you want to play, the percentages of your pay and the odds of winning with each bet, so you know if it suits you, if it is feasible or if you like it.

Tip # 3 set aside the lottery games and slot machines.

Slot machines are perhaps the most popular casino game, its music, the sound effects of falling coins, special effects lights and graphics interface of its images and animations are its main attraction and makes any player feel tempted to stand in front of the spinning reels. It is true that like any game of chance, slot machines offer great economic benefits with their bonuses, jackpot, and megabuck, but the reality is a little different from what it apparently projects. This is one of the casino games with the worst odds of winning, according to statistics.

In progressive slot machines, a player can earn up to $1 million dollars. A player can have a better chance of winning that amount of money even by contributing $100 and doubling it in each bet won from an astronomical point of view. However, even if it looks like a good opportunity, roulette can fail because this particular game requires winning a whopping 17 consecutive times to win $1 million. That condition seems to be a little difficult to achieve, but compared to the odds of winning a jackpot with slot machines or lottery, ironically it is more likely.

Said from a mathematical point of view, the odds of winning $1 million in the roulette table game equals 1 in 120,000, although it seems difficult, the odds of winning a jackpot in slot machines equals 1 in 3,000,000 It is incredible, but it is an almost impossible condition. Being a bit unrealistic, these machines are entertaining, attractive and fun, but for a player to make big profits, cannot depend solely on the odds of the slots because usually, their awards are small.

Tip # 4 Patience.

It is almost a law that to win a lot of money with gambling, players must have a lot of patience. From a realistic point of view, it is a truism that efforts to make money consist of the total sum of money and size. Casino games usually require long periods to earn real money and get great profits while you are playing, however, the secret is to gradually increase the monetary funds, regardless of the amount of the gain, when you acquire a Prize is a prize.

The long-term objectives are basic strategies used by investors, the same happens in casino games, players must leave aside the mentality that they should get rich immediately because this philosophy leads to a risk and are volatile. They are usually determined by high sums of money in bets, investment in thousands of dollars to buy tickets or the combination of large amounts of money in lotteries in order to win a jackpot, when in fact the statistics say you have less chance of a win. The best advice is to be patient and make small key investments in betting.

Tip # 5 set high limits for big bets

Making key bets is a good way to get big winnings and prizes, it is important to always take into account the advantages of the house, as it will always take a proportion. If a player does not hesitate to place bets that have a high probability of winning, he can be sure and confident to gradually increase his monetary funds. Each time his bankroll increases, he has the opportunity to distribute large portions in tables with a higher limit. In the case of physical casinos, these usually have high rollers in rooms where players can place large bets. The bets vary according to the casino and the requirements of each are different from others, but there are some that must be avoided and are those who ask for some credit or cash at hand to play with the whales.

Each table offers a maximum, it is important to choose prudently the maximum reasonable. In the small Las Vegas casinos some are $50 while in the big casinos also in the city it is possible to find table limits of up to $10,000, an example of exuberant limits, is the famous Golden Nugget of Las Vegas where they are allowed bets of $15,000, while the Caesars has a range between $5,000 and $50,000.

In the casinos there is a legend about the player William Lee Bergstrom, also known as the ghost player since he made the biggest bet for the time in the history of the casino, it was $ 777,000 and he won in a dice game. The odds are what govern these games, if you have all the skills, abilities and strategies necessary, then baccarat, roulette and Hold’em are the ideal games for you to quickly increase your money funds, although it is worth noting that the risks they will always be present and bad luck does its part, you just have to choose the tables wisely and bet with great prudence.

Tip # 6 Learn from the bad and good odds

One of the best recommendations for this point is courtesy of the Planet 7 Online casino platform, he says that the lower the house advantage, the more likely you are to win. If you want to increase your winnings, you should consider the following types of bets:

Multiple bets in a row (1 in x): these multiple bets are characterized by being continuous, in the most popular casino games the starting bet is usually $20. This shows that the odds increase the more times you bet amount of winning money. But luck also plays its part, and if you are a very lucky player, with these types of bets you will quickly become a millionaire. Even when the odds are against you, from a statistical point of view, it is possible.

Doubling bets: in casinos, there are games where participants can double the bet start or winnings if they wish. Depending on the amount of money in the first bet, the player can get a huge payment, it also influences the number of times he doubles the bet in the rapid increase of his bankroll. Next, the types of double bets:

  • Video poker, double or nothing: after a winning hand, the player doubles his bet and continue doubling it if he wants to do so.
  • Blackjack, division card: if the player has doubled his original bet and in both hands, he wins, then he multiplies the original bet by 4.
  • Blackjack, double down: if the player is completely sure of winning before the dealer reveals his hand, then he can double his bet.
  • Roulette, money bets: applies to external bets that correspond to black, red, even, odd, low and high numbers.
  • Roulette, column bets: for these bets 3 sets of 12 numbers are designated that are in the final part of a column, the payment, 2: 1.
  • Dice, a bet of probabilities: the standard measure of this type of bet corresponds to 2: 1, however, there are tables where they offer a bet of up to 5: 1, 10: 1 and if you have even more luck, you can find 100: one. Here there is no way to increase the odds of winning, but if you place a high bet on a 100: 1 chance you get big winnings.

Tip # 7 Become a professional

We all know that casino games are a very entertaining activity, but the skills and strategies of a player, make him a professional and games of chance are part of his life resource. Even, many casino professionals travel around the world attending various tournaments and competitions to win large sums of money. Among all the games, poker is the most famous in the tournaments, Gus Hansen, Sam Trickett, and Michael Mizrachi, are a clear example of how these players took the professionalism of casino games to another level, becoming millionaires from only bets

When casino games are part of your life and you want to earn a lot of money with it, you should consider meeting certain factors such as skills, strategies, budget, social dynamics, have talent and bet smartly. This applies to any game, be it billiards, craps, poker or blackjack. Being a professional in gambling adds great benefits to players, especially those who do not shy away from depositing large sums of money in games.

Tip # 8 you have the opportunity to participate in the WSOP.

It is specifically a tournament that is aimed at poker fans, it is called World Series of Poker. This event is annual and thousands of players from all over the world meet once a year to participate in this poker tournament where the bets are incredibly high. Last year, the WSOP’s biggest prize was over $8 million dollars, higher than the previous year’s figure. The player who finished second won $4.7 million as a prize and placed in 9th place.

But obviously winning is not so easy, in this event meet the most professional of the entire world, face to face with a poker expert is a bit scary. But based on the statistics, with the average of 7,500 entries to the event, you would have a 1 in 800 chance of winning, it is certainly a considerable hope, of course, applies as long as the player possesses the talent for the game, the skills and necessary strategies at the same level as their opponents. If you have to face professionals like Phil Ivey, those odds are reduced, but it’s enough practice, reading books, guides, and experience to match poker experts in the world tournament.

Tip # 9 you can be the card counter in the blackjack game.

It is an alternative for those who do not like or are not good at poker. Blackjack offers players to be the counter of the cards, but in turn, you can earn money, does not apply to those who think they will become millionaires in an instant. Blackjack naturally offers great benefits to the participants, starting with the constant increase in the odds of winning if you are an expert player, and in terms of combinations, skill and luck are two factors that are always present in blackjack strategies to win great prizes.

How to count the cards in blackjack: although it is a viable option, anyone who wants to take this position, must master a series of rules very well: the basic strategy of the game, establishment of an extension of winning bets, the effective way to count the cards and use the appropriate game deviation. With the following regulations a player can become a blackjack accountant:

  • The counter must assign a value for the sets in the cards: “hi-lo system” is the most popular counting system in the game, and consists of designating the content values as follows: cards 6 and 2 are given the value of +1, the cards of 9 and 7 are given the value of 0, the 10-Ace cards are given the value of -1. In this way, while the cards are being dealt, you can subtract, add or simply do nothing in case of the value of 0 so that the cards dealt with containing the total value of the hand.
  • Current account: the current account is maintained when adding or subtracting each one of the cards that are in each shoe of the 2 hands. While the number of cards dealt is increased, the current account is updated accordingly ending in a total value. The advantage of the house will change in favor of the play if the current account increases, otherwise, the advantage will be in favor of the house.
  • Calculate the actual count when there are multiple covers in relation to the count that is being executed: to maintain a total value per deck based on the current account, a true account is necessary. The concentration of high cards matters much more than the number of high cards in a deck. There are many differences when you must know the concentration of cards in 5 different decks in relation to a deck, this is what determines the real count. To see it another way, a clear example would be: for a current account of 10 with five remaining covers, the real account would be 10/5 = 2. But if for example the current account is’ 7 and the remaining cover is of 2, the true count corresponds to -7 / 2 = 3.5.
  • The real count determines the change of the bets: deviation from the game is the term used when a player changes the betting strategy or the game itself. Bets must increase in the same proportion as their actual count is increased in order to capitalize all the information as a result of the actual count. The trick is in high stakes like for example, instead of a unit make a unit of twenty, as long as the cards are in favor of the player. To make a deviation from the game, there must be an equivalent interval and not just for pleasure.

Tip # 10. Place bets in physical casinos or online.

The modality of casino games have changed in this new millennium, if you do not know which advice to take or none has really worked for you, you can opt for the option of an online or physical casino respectively when one has not been useful. Of course, the odds and benefits do not change in the absolute, if for example, you for example established your capital in $10,000 you can multiply that money by playing in the casinos. In the casino of online casino platforms, it is much more convenient, since it can generate large amounts of money, through your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC and will have the same opportunities and benefits as a land-based casino.

Tip # 11 you can make use of sports betting

Sports betting is evidence that the sky is the limit when you want to win large amounts of money, due to the variety of sports, leagues, tournaments, and teams have generated fans are interested in sports betting and the reason is that you can obtain numerous benefits and offer great possibilities. Sports bets are based on the final results of teams or a certain athlete, if you are a gambling enthusiast and want to bet on sports, you should consider the following:

The possibilities: the best odds are when your favorite team is much better than your opponent, in these cases you have a probability above 50% to win, but you will not receive a large amount of money because the bank is not willing to lose so much monetary background.

The system of probabilities: there are only 2 systems of probabilities, the European and the American. The first uses the symbols of +/-, while the second is governed by decimals. If for example, using the European system a team has the 2.0 odds to win and you make a bet of $10, then you will receive $20 in return, while in the American system, betting the same amount of money on the same team, the mark would be +100 but you would get the same reward.

Using negative numbers, it is a bit more complex. If for example, it is -100 you would also receive $20 in return, but when it is -200 your benefit would be a return of $5 or the change, a total of $15. So that it is not so confusing, you just have to clear that the higher the probabilities, the greater the probability of losing in the case of positive figures (for example, +300), because in the negative numbers, the lower the probability (for example, -450) then it will have more likely to win.

The distribution of points: are those that are responsible for leveling the probabilities of each of the winning teams based on a range that results from the addition or subtraction of all points. When bets are made, it is determined that the results they throw are below or above the “spread”, the determination of a figure. The teams that are advantaged to win, are marked like the American system, with the margin of points in negative, while the teams disadvantaged to lose, are marked with the positive symbol. According to the figures that correspond to +/- they are the ones that determine the number of points that each team must win, in fact, the chosen team still loses the game, if the team won does not fit with that margin, you win likewise the bet.

The money line: this term refers to those bets that are “probably fixed” and establishes that both the loser and the winner have the probabilities that are determined before the start of the game based on an environment of losing or winning respectively. In sports betting many people take time to get used to, it is important to know exactly what team or league should be invested in betting and already with experience and practice, you can start to have great benefits.

Tip # 12 Options with fictional soccer.

Fantasy football is an excellent alternative for those who love sports betting, as it has a high probability of winning. In the United States, it is a very common way when it comes to betting on sports, but what attracts most of this type of bet is that it has great advantages over the outcome of an event. There is a lot of variety in terms of fictitious football, whether you want to be part of a specific league, there are many virtual operators that have a membership. This type of bet is not for everyone, there is a good understanding of the guidelines and rules and knowledge in addition to the sport, the list of players in which the National Football League (NFL) stand out. The amount of money you earn in fantasy football is determined by the league with which you get involved

Tip # 13 It is recommended that you manage your bankroll.

In casino games, it is very likely that you pass this factor over. What guarantees the stability of your profits, is the management of your monetary funds, when you start earning large sums of money. While it is not very complex, anyone can easily do it. The basic rules establish that a player should not invest more money than he is willing to lose in any of the games of chance you choose, for this, it is necessary to establish a loss limit. If you have reached the limit, do not insist or go behind those losses in order to recover them.

It is very helpful to follow the 5% rule, this establishes that you have only 5% of your total budget to make bets and as the profits increase, your budget will increase and therefore the amount of money to bet.

Part of the advice is also to make calculations on the percentages of profits, with which, the administration of the monetary funds is much more effective. For this purpose, a record should be kept of all the percentages of the victories and of the losses in the intervals of each game, according to the visits to the casino, one week, twice a month or six times a year, for example. In this way, you will have information about the benefits, advantages, distributors, and games that favor you the most and where it is worth to bet.

At first, you may not know how to do it, but from the mistakes, you will learn until you master the management of the monetary funds very well, in this way, you will not affect the economy of your home and you will avoid headaches. Knowing how to manage your bankroll is an excellent alternative not to succumb to the addiction to casino games while you take advantage of the benefits of betting and multiply the money.

Tip # 14: Grasp the Essence of the House Edge.

In the vast world of casino games, the ‘house edge’ stands as a silent sentinel. It represents the casino’s statistical advantage over you, the player. Think of it as their safety net, ensuring that they remain profitable over countless games and sessions. The savvy gambler, however, delves deep into understanding this. For instance, the classic game of blackjack, played with an impeccable strategy, boasts one of the slenderest house edges. Contrarily, slot machines, with their tantalizing potential for gargantuan payouts, often lean more in the house’s favor.

Tip # 15: Pledge Allegiance to Loyalty Programs.

Imagine a world where your consistent gaming endeavors get rewarded. Well, that’s precisely the raison d’être of casino loyalty programs. Whether you’re wandering through the glitzy aisles of Las Vegas or navigating an online gaming site, enrolling in these programs can be a goldmine. Beyond mere play, they offer perks like complimentary plays, cash returns, and more. A pro tip? Keep a vigilant track of your activities; the cumulative rewards can be a delightful surprise.

Tip # 16: Beware the Siren Call of Alcohol.

Ah, the age-old strategy of casinos – free-flowing liquor. While it might seem like a kind gesture, there’s a method to the madness. Alcohol, as it courses through your system, can blur the lines of judgment, making those risky wagers seem enticing. If your eyes are on the prize, it’s prudent to steer clear of too many drinks. Let clarity be your companion at the gambling table.

Tip # 17: Time – The Invisible Currency.

Beyond chips and cash, there’s another resource at play in casinos – time. The allure of the neon lights and the thrill of the game can stretch hours into seeming like mere minutes. Hence, it’s imperative to set boundaries. Decide on a temporal bracket for your gaming escapades and adhere to it religiously. Periodic breaks not only keep fatigue at bay but also sharpen your strategic prowess.

To wrap up, the whims of fortune do hold sway in the casino cosmos. Yet, blending in strategy, discipline, and a sprinkle of wisdom can tilt the scales in your favor. Dive into the gambling universe with a well-charted roadmap, and the journey can be both rewarding and exhilarating.