The ‘language of slot machines has changed over time. Slots have also evolved. This glossary provides a brief overview of some terms used in slot machines.

Basic Slots: A single payline is known as “flat-top” or straight slots. It has a fixed top jackpot payout that doesn’t change.

Bet Max: This is the maximum amount of coins you can wager on each spin/play. Maximum bets will pay the best payouts. Unfortunately, you can only activate multi-line slot paylines. However, wager 1-2 coins per line to extend your playing time.

Multi-spins and multi-line bonus slots: These features include wild symbols, multipliers, multipliers, multipliers, bonus games, multi-spins, 5-reel, multi-line, bonus games, wild symbols, scatter pay, multiplier, and nudge-hold. Available online and at land-based casinos.

Collect: The number of credits or cash won during a session of playing slot machines. The bonus round ends with a Click to Collect button for bonus slots.

Double/Triple Symbols The jackpot payout increases by having two or three of the same symbols.

Hit Frequency is the average number of spins per slot machine. The higher the hit frequency, is better.

A 2 means that you have a hit every two spins, and a seven indicates that you hit approximately every seven reels. It is better to have a payout every 2nd spin than every 7th.

Hold and Re-Spin Bonus slots: The player holds the reel results while the reels spin naturally. This gives the player additional credits.

Line Bet: You wager on each line that is activated. Tip: To receive the total value of a multi-line bonus game, activate all paylines.

Linked Jackpot: Increased the percentage of coins placed by two or more machines.

Multi-Line Slots offer up to 50 paylines. These versions are available in penny denominations and nickel, quarter, and dollar.

Multiplier: The slot feature multiplies winning credits 2X-10X to give you a bonus win.

Multiplier slots Version: Pays for specific symbols on a graduated scale. A three-reel slot gives you five coins for a “cherry” playing one coin—10 coins for two coins and 15 coins for three coins. Payouts for one cash are lower than those you get if you play max. Coins.

Nudge Slots: This slot feature allows a paying symbol to ‘drop-down,’ creating a win. It could be a wild, diamond, cherry, or basketball symbol. You need a slight nudge to make money go your way. The name of a nudge slot usually includes the word “Deluxe.”

Progressive slots: These progressives offer increasing jackpots depending on how much money is played through the linked bank/carousel slot machines. You will need a larger bankroll to play progressives. All progressives have at least three coins max slots and two jackpot levels, primary and secondary. Values are reset to their minimums when either jackpot winner wins. Here, max play is mandatory.

Reels: The number of wheels or reels displayed in a slot window imprinted by symbols specific to that slot theme or game.

Scatter Pays are specific symbols that pay regardless of whether they appear on the same payline. Tip: Scatter pays pay only on lines activated by a wager.

These are called short wins. For example, you can win a large jackpot for only $15. This will get you $1000.

Slot Schedule: Information posted on the front of each slot shows you which type of slot, what denomination, and how many symbols are possible to win for each coin. Read the following.

There are four types of slot machines: Progressive, Basic, Bonus, and Group/Community.

Wide Area Progressives: There are multiple casinos, areas, and countries that offer progressive slots. The progressive jackpot amount displayed at every machine is the same $ amount regardless of where it is located.

Win! This is the essence of the slot game.