The market satiety and new anti-gaming ordinances have caused a slowdown in the rate of quantitative growth at online casinos. Casinos are trying to entice customers by offering better service and more quality games. Microgaming, an online casino software company, has added four new games per month over the past two years. “CryptoLogic” develops service packs with about ten games every several months.

Playtech and RTG casinos are continuously adding new games. The leader among new games is sure to be video slots, especially those with high numbers of lines and bonuses or just new graphics. But, ordinary table games (cards against the dealer) are also being developed. Let’s look at the numerous recent innovations in online casinos.

Let’s begin with the Solitaire. The old-fashioned “Klondike” firmly holds its place in Windows’ classic collection of games. This game is also available at CryptoLogic casino, but it’s called “Solitaire.” I won’t go into detail concerning the rules. You can launch the game to find out for yourself. Inaugurate parameters “deal cards one at a time” and “money account” to get a good idea of what you’ll encounter in the casino.

You can stake between 1,04 and 52 USD at the beginning. (52 USD are embedded in Windows Solitaire). Each card will earn you from 10 to 5 USD, depending on its place. Solitaire is complete when the player stakes five times your initial stake. Even if Solitaire isn’t being met, you still get some money back. If you have 11 cards, you can see that you’ll be in the pocket. Unfortunately, information regarding expectation and analysis is not yet available.

Due to the massive popularity of the online poker site, the following games were introduced in the casino. The first game was Casino Holdem, available at casinos RTG, PlayTech, and CryptoLogic. A little later, Tequila Poker (PlayTech) was introduced.

Casino Holdem is a game that closely resembles Holdem-poker. First, players need to stake an ante. Then the dealer and player take two hole cards. At the same time, the flop is dealt with. Three open-board cards are used for the loss, a set of 52 cards with one pack. Players must decide whether to continue the game by looking at five cards (hole, flop). If the game goes on, the player takes two ante to the blind.

Otherwise, he discards the cards and loses the entire ante. The dealer will deal with two more cards – turn, river, and showdowns if the game continues. According to Texas Holdem rules, the combinations of player and dealer are compared. The higher combination of five cards wins. It is possible to use between 0 and 2 hole cards and 3 to 5 board cards. The dealer cannot have “no frolickings,” like in Oasis-Poker.

The dealer can have less than a pair of fours. However, the winner is paid following the winning table. In this case, winnings range from 1 ante per straight to 100 ante royal-flesh. All blinds are lost if the dealer has the game, but his combination is greater than the players. The remaining seniority cards will determine the winner if the hybrids are equal. If the vendor is in the game and the dealer’s combination is lower than his, the player will receive ante payments according to the table and the primary stake of 1 to 1.

The advantage of the casino in the game depends on the table of payments. It is close to 2%. It isn’t easy to find the best strategy when so many combinations. The player should play approximately 82% of all dealings. If the player has two unmatched cards and does not agree with the flop, he should discard them. He cannot hope for the straight/flash.

The player may place an additional bet on any field marked “AA” in addition to the main blind. If his 5-card combination is a pair of aces or higher, the player will win the additional stake. According to the table, the player will be paid seven to 100 times the stake amount. The other stake is not worth more than 6%.

Tequila Poker may not be as popular as club poker, but its features make it more similar to Baccarat or Blackjack. Before the game can begin, each participant must have 52 cards. The four-hole cards are then placed on the table. The player can make his decision. He can either refuse to play, which will result in losing the ante. Or he could continue playing Tequila Poker or continue playing Tequila High.

This will allow him to keep the primary stake at the amount paid by the ante. The game ends when two additional hole cards are dealt with, and five cards are selected from each to create the best combination. The standard poker rule applies to combinations formed by players who have chosen Tequila Poker. A hand with a team of aces or more is considered a win.
The player loses all his stakes if the combination is lower than what he has chosen. If it is higher, the ante intention is paid 1 to 1, and the primary stake will multiply according to the payments table.

This table is equivalent to the Video Poker one. If the participant chooses Tequila High, the points from his five highest cards come are added together. Points have the same process as in Blackjack. According to the nominal value, cards from 2-10 are valued at 10 points. Pictures are valued at 11 points. Aces and aces are respected at 11 points. To win, the player must accept at least 46 points. He must receive at least 46 points to win. The ante is paid at 1 to 1. According to the table, payments on the primary stake are made (maximum 54 points and 200 to 1).

The optimal strategy here is, as you can see, very complex. The player must play Tequila Poker at 30%, Tequila Poker at 32%, and discard the remaining 38%. If you have any team of cards, or four cards for straight/flash (including an in-line straight), you should play Tequila Poker. If your three highest cards give you 28 points or more, you should play Tequila high. 4,2% is the advantage of playing casino with the best strategy.